Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Warranty from Geeksquad not worth a penny!

Have you ever read the extended warranty that Best buy sells? If you read the fine print, your better off not buying it. While waiting to get a friends computer fixed, I speed read the warranty's terms. The thing that stood out the most was: Geeksquad is the one who calls the shots.
Recently a friend of my asked me to fix a computer. She bought the computer at Best buy. I asked her to take a look to see if the pc was still under warranty; All warranties are void if you open the case and brake the seals. It turned out that she bought the extended warranty for two years. And it was about to expired. I told my friend that I would go with her to have the computer repaired. Let me tell you!
It was not pleasant at all! We stood in line for 2 and a half hours. I walked up to the geek squad tech guy and asked him: how much longer it was going to take. He said: "Sir. we are doing our best." While at the counter, I saw that these guys actually trouble shoot the computer right at the spot. But is not a quick process. What they do is a virus scan.
To scan an average hard drive, takes hours. The two and a half hours that I was there, only one costumer was helped. How about that for costumer service! I finally got fed up! I saw what appeared a manager and asked him why it was taking so long.
He said that it was a busy night and it is not usually like that. I asked him politely if he could get an other geek squad guy behind the counter.
he replied that he was short a personnel. At that precise moment,I made up my mind; I got the hell out of there! All this took place at the Downey, CA store.
I told my friend to go to her local Best Buy.
The very next day, my friend took the computer to the Howthorn, CA store. She was told that the computer had some OS issues and the hard drive was damaged.
And the warranty does not cover OS related issues. If she wanted the computer fixed, she needed to pay 250 Bucks!.
What? I SAID. That is the biggest rip off ever commited by geeksquad. That does it!

So if you are going to do your cristmax shopping at Best Buy, do not buy the extended warranty
You will be better off just sticking to the manufacture's warranty. Geeksquad, please be more helpful instaed of just ripping people off. I wish I could have had a camera that night. I would had made a good youtube video.

Beware of Geeksquad!!!

Do you have a similar story dealing with the Geeksquad? Please share....

Check the video below to see what I mean.